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The SMD Lighting Guide to start living Green today

  • Buy SMD Lighting or LED Lighting to replace the incandescent lights in your home. It might cost slightly more than an old bulb, but over time it will save more energy, and you won’t need to replace the bulb as often.
  • Turn off your computer and TV, radio and the lights when you leave the house.
  • Plug electrical items into one power strip when using multiple devices and unplug (switch off) the power strip plug when the devices are turned off. Appliances use electricity even in standy by mode.
  • Walk to work or car share. This will save on petrol money and save the environment too.
  • When making that all important morning coffee don’t overfill the kettle, this will use less energy and boil quicker.
  • Use a bag for life instead of supermarket plastic carrier.
  • Utilise the power of the sun and use solar lighting in your garden.