LED Streetlighting

LED Street Lighting

  • Replace sodium and metal halide street lighting luminaires
  • High luminous efficiency, low luminous decay and long life span
  • Single powerful LED (30 to 140W)
  • High purity aluminium reflector, light housing and heat sink
  • High intensity tempered glass
  • High power LED light source
  • High efficiency LED driver
  • Meets IP65 requirement
  • Design of the elliptical reflector with spheroidal cambered surface controls the LED light output in the required area
  • The specially designed reflector improves the uniformity of the light
  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared with traditional sodium/mercury lamps
  • Operational with direct current and low voltage
  • Power saving and environmentally friendly

Ideal for Architectural Illumination, Sports stadiums, Road surface Illumination, Marinas and Boat yards, Advertising and billboards, Hospitals, Schools and Parks.

LED Streetlight


Construction: Aluminium alloy casing with integrated heat sink and aluminium reflector.
IP Rating: 65
Working Temperatures: -30°C – +45°C
Voltage: AC85V – A265VDC 12V DC 24V DC36V
Life Span: 50,000+ hours
Colour Rendering Index: 75 – 80
Colour Temperature: 2,700K – 7,000K
Accreditations: CE & RoHS ISO 9001, ISO 14001


JB720LD30W: 30W LED Street Light, 2,400 total lumens.
JB720LD40W: 40W LED Street Light, 3,200 total lumens.
JB720LD50W: 50W LED Street Light, 4,000 total lumens.
JB720LD60W: 60W LED Street Light, 4,800 total lumens.
JB720LD70W: 70W LED Street Light, 5,600 total lumens.
JB720LD80W: 80W LED Street Light, 6,400 total lumens.
JB720LD90W: 90W LED Street Light, 7,200 total lumens.
JB720LD100W: 100W LED Street Light, 8,000 total lumens.